TweSocial App Review

    TweSocial App Review 

    Whether you have already used TewSocial or are looking to invest in a growth system that can help you get a huge audience on Twitter, having a growth system that will work on your phone may well solidify your decision.

    There are very few growth services that have been brave enough to transition to an app, but Twesocial is one of them. 

    Twesocial is the kind of Twitter growth app that we think is going to change the landscape for the better. Unfortunately, there are a lot of apps out there that are just looking out for number one. This means that they’re far from legit, and just hoping to make a quick profit.

    The odds are that they’re a scam, and you want to stay away from them. So, let’s review Twesocial as one of the best Twitter growth apps out there, so that you can benefit from something that is legit.

    What Is TweSocial?

    Twitter is one of the fastest moving platforms out there, and because of that it can be very difficult to establish a good audience and a solid following. Twesocial can help grow your twitter account in a sustainable way that doesn’t involve purchasing followers or following bot accounts.

    The followers TweSocial generates for you are real accounts that represent your target market and audience preference.

    If you have used TweSocial before, you will be familiar with the layout on the desktop system, this layout has been replicated and designed to fit onto the screens of phones and tablets, making sure your transition to an app based system is seamless and easy.

    Having an app like this that works like regular software but on your smartphone is of course going to make your life a whole lot easier.

    In fact, the whole purpose of Twesocial is to help you save time. This means that you can leave your Twitter growth up to their personal account manager, while you come up with more amazing tweet ideas. You need an app like this on your side if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

    Does The TweSocial App Work Across All Devices?

    We live in a time where some companies will only release an app on one device as a beta or because they can generate more of an income by restricting it.

    Twesocial thankfully haven’t followed this trend and have created an app that will work across all of your devices.

    Most of us have more than one device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop and not all of us have the same brand across our range, so by making sure that the app can work across an array of devices, no consumers are left out.

    It also makes it easier to operate from a customer point of view, as they don’t have to only be at their laptop for it to work, you can pick up whatever device you want to and access the app from there. 

    Twesocial has been around for quite a while with their advanced targeting filters for your Twitter, so we’re pretty stoked that they have made the transition from desktop to device. We love that they have adapted all of their features, so that they can be used from your smartphone as well.

    It’s nice when a company that is older and more established is willing to do this too, because it means that you don’t have to find something new and potentially a scam, or in the very least ineffectual.

    Twesocial Features

    Let’s take a moment to check out some of the features that the new Twesocial app has on offer, so that you can feel confident that they’re legit, and hoping to find the right people for you to interact with.

    Twesocial begins by offering its clients help with their hashtags. This means that you can get a brand new list of hashtags that you might not have used before, but you’ve discovered through Twesocial are actually the best options for your brand.

    Twesocial can also help you find the right people for your tweets through their username targeting. This means that your personal account manager will ask you for some suggestions regarding usernames that they can check out, preferably the usernames of people that you are competing with.

    This way, Twesocial can interact with their audience, and tempt them to come and check out your tweets instead. This is a great covert way to find the right people for your content, and to guarantee is as well.

    Lastly, Twesocial put a lot of emphasis on locations and content targeting as well, which is the cherry on top. Finding out where most of your audience lives is a great way to find even more of them. Twesocial will figure this out, and interact with people within that location.

    With your content, Twesocial can find other content out there that is similar, so that they can find people that are similar to be your followers.

    Am I Restricted By Operating Systems?

    Nope! It doesn’t matter what operating system you are running, be it iOS, android or even windows based. Twesocial have created their app to be stored in the cloud, so it doesn’t need to be embedded in your software on your devices.

    Because of this, it will run across all operating systems. What makes this feature especially positive is that if you are on your phone or tablet and update, change or modify the configurations on your Twesocial dashboard, these changes will be instantly uploaded to the cloud.

    So, any changes you make are all uploaded in real time, so you don’t need to log on to a different device and make the same changes again.

    For continuity and consistency, having a cloud based app makes managing twitter growth far easier, all you need is a WiFi or 4G connection to access the app and away you go. 

    Reviewer’s Final Considerations

    TweSocial are already a market leader in growth management services for twitter and now they have taken the time to create an app, their dominant status will be assured.

    The fact that Twesocial are providing  their customers with a cloud based system is a conscious effort to ensure that all of their customers have the chance to access the app regardless of what device and operating system they are using.

    The app itself is easy to use and you can make changes that will be reflected on the rest of your devices that are linked to that account.

    Having the ability to track your twitter growth from your phone or tablet isn’t a service that has been offered before, but is one that all TweSocial users 

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