Best Instagram Bots

    It’s harder than you think to find a good Instagram bot these days, especially since Instagram started cracking down on companies that violate their third party regulations.

    This means that if you want to go out there yourself and try and find the right partner, you’re going to have trouble. The best way to go about it is to take advice from lists like this, which are researched and confident.

    The last thing you need is to associate with an Instagram bot that’s going to get your profile in trouble with Insta. Let’s take a look at what we think are the best Instagram bots in the industry so that you can turn the heat up with your page.

    Best Instagram Bots

    Bot #1: Nitreo


    Just like we talked about above, it’s pretty tough not only finding a great Instagram bot to help you and keep you safe but to find one that already has a great existing reputation. If this is the kind of standard that you’ve set for yourself, then look no further than Nitreo. This company prides itself on keeping things real and organic, so you’re never associating with fake engagement.

    They have an easy setup, and they listen to their client’s needs so that they can get targeted engagement on their content. This is a great option if you have high standards for your Insta page.

    Bot #2: Stellation Media

    Stellation Media

    You might have already heard of Stellation Media because this company has been around for quite a while now. However, they stand out because they’re one of the few brands that are willing to constantly update their features to keep up with what Instagram is doing. There are plenty of well-established brands out there, but not many of them do this.

    Stellation Media’s latest is their mass story engager, where you can use stories to increase your following. Check out the rest of their features today and notice the Stellation Media difference.

    Bot #3: Ingramer


    Looking for an Instagram bot that puts itself above the rest and works twice as hard as everyone else? Then you need to consider checking out Ingramer. This company says that they are twice as effective as everyone else out there, and they can help you with every aspect of your Instagram growth.

    They can help you with direct messaging, scheduling your upcoming posts, and even generating your hashtags, so that you have it all sorted. This way, you can focus on making more content that your new community is going to fall in love with.

    Bot #4: Stormlikes

    Everyone has a different expectation and vision for their Instagram page. If your vision falls in line with what Stormlikes offers, then you’re going to be pretty happy. These guys are exclusive and only associate with selected, genuine Instagram followers, views, and likes, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they are providing on the best for their clients.

    They promise on their homepage that they don’t associate with ghost accounts, and only do what their clients want so that they end up being more satisfied with them than they would be anywhere else.

    Bot #5: Upleap

    Upleap Review

    You might be someone who loves the idea of being able to try a company and its services before you commit to anything long term. Free trials used to be a lot more common in this industry – now you’ve just got to take the plunge and hope that it pays off.

    Not with Upleap, though – they help out potential clients by letting them test out their features before they sign up for a service – and they don’t even ask for your credit card details. This way, you can make sure that they are a good fit for you, and there’s no love lost if not.

    Bot #6:

    There are many different aspects to your Instagram growth, but one of the most important parts is the security of your account. If you’ve been on Insta for a while, and you’ve managed to develop somewhat of a reputation among your community already, then the last thing you need to do is associate with a bot that’s going to get you suspended or banned.

    With companies like, you can sleep easy at night knowing that they are taking care of everything. is the safest bot on the market and uses proxies to stay completely undetectable and anonymous.

    Bot #7: Follow Adder

    Remember when we talked about well-established companies up there with Stellation Media? Well, if you’re interested in finding out about more of them that can take care of your account, you need to check out Follow Adder.

    Follow Adder is arguably one of the first Instagram bot companies that came up with a strategy to help their clients on Insta, and they are still standing today, which says a lot about their service and the team behind it. You can download their dashboard to your desktop, and adjust their features to suit your needs. They also have great customer support.

    Bot #8: SocialViral


    SocialViral is an Instagram bot company that can help you get exclusive, real Instagram views, likes, and followers so that you’re never worrying about the quality of your engagement. One of the things that we love about SocialViral is that they can help you with other social media profiles as well, including TikTok and Spotify.

    This means that if you’ve got your brand elsewhere, you can easily grow everything without having to bring in another company to do things separately. This is a great way to be efficient with your engagement while remaining genuine online. 

    Bot #9: Media Mister

    Media Mister

    Just like SocialViral, Media Mister is one of those companies that can help you with your social media growth on multiple platforms. Of course, they have an awesome Instagram bot that can do it all, but this means that you can consolidate all of your engagement in one place, and save a lot of money and time as a result.

    They also have great pricing that you will struggle to find elsewhere, and they have a great customer support system, too. As you can see, there’s a lot to love about companies like Media Mister, because they seem to have it all.

    Bot #10: Kicksta


    Kicksta says that they are the most powerful Instagram bot on the market, and while there are many people that they are in competition with, honestly, we are inclined to believe them – especially if you check out their client reviews. They promise that they don’t use fake followers or spam to do their thing – just genuine engagement that can give your profile a real boost.

    They say that this is a lot better than buying your engagement right off the bat, which is more than likely going to be ghost accounts that will harm your account along the way.

    Bot #11: Followersup


    Remember when we talked about Media Mister up there? Well, they’re pretty similar to Followersup, so if you liked the sound of Media Mister, you’re going to like the sound of these guys. They have a lot going for them in the form of followers, views, and likes, and the best part is that they have a tiered pricing system, which means that you can choose how much you pay for them.

    If you only have a limited budget right now and don’t have a lot to spare, you can just pay for a small amount of engagement right now.

    Bot #12: Trusy


    Sometimes, it’s worth spending a little bit more of your budget and getting some of the best Instagram bot features that are in the industry. Trusy is a relatively new company that have spent the past couple of years finetuning their features, coming up with the best in the business.

    Yes, they cost a little more than your average bot, but we actually think that this is a really good thing. It means that they have high-quality engagement, and they’re committed to the customer – there’s no fooling around here. If you have big plans for your Insta, you need to try them.

    Bot #13: Instamber


    Instamber says that their Instagram bot is unparalleled when compared to others in the industry. They say that they are here to amplify their client’s growth on social media profiles like Insta, and have comprehensive features to get the job done right. Their overall goal is to help you decrease your social media budget while maintaining the same level of quality.

    They also want to be as efficient as possible for their clients, which means that you’re getting a pretty good deal all around. They can help you with growth, direct messaging, and content, too.

    Bot #14: Combin


    Are you someone who wants to get a lot of stuff done with your Instagram bot? If this is the case, then checking out a company like Combin is worth your time. We know that you don’t have all the time in the world to schedule your own content, especially if you want to do it ahead of time so that you can start to create even more.

    They can help you with scheduling, and Instagram audience management and attraction, so in layman’s terms, they do it all. They can also help you with your Instagram stories so that more people are looking at them. 

    Bot #15: Instazood


    Are you looking for a way to get more followers on Instagram through an Instagram bot that can do it all? Then Instazood is a great choice. They can help you with unfollowing, commenting, viewing stories, following, and of course, automatic liking – and did we mention direct messaging?

    The long and short of it is that they can do it all so that you can rest easy knowing that your engagement strategy is completely taken care of. They say that they put complete control back in their client’s hands as well, so there’s no concern about the job not getting done right.

    Bot #16: Social Sensei

    Social Sensei

    Social Sensei is an Instagram bot that guarantees thousands of real Instagram followers looking at your profile every month. This is a pretty bold claim, but we’re pretty confident at this point that they can do it. They say that they are a leading Instagram influencer marketing agency, and they also promise that their engagement features are completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about the reputation of your profile being compromised.

    They claim to have some of the best organic growth out there, so you really need to try them out today.

    Bot #17: Kenji


    Sometimes, it pays to find an Instagram bot brand that puts all of their time and energy into smart technology, so that they can guarantee the best features for your page. Kenji says that they make the most of smart technology to help you get more followers and likes on your content.

    They say that it takes just seconds to get started with them, and you can even try them out for free – and they don’t require your credit card information. It’s a two minutes setup, and they can help you with both Windows and Mac.

    Bot #18: Social Captain

    Social Captain

    There’s nothing quite like being able to grow your Instagram followers automatically through an Instagram bot. Honestly, it’s going to save you so much time and money, you won’t know what to do with yourself. With companies like Social Captain, they can help you get more comments, likes, and followers on your content through their targeted marketing features.

    They have a live demo so that you can test them out before committing to anything, and they promise that the setup process is so quick, you’ll blink and it’s done. They can help you automate, target, and grow, which will completely transform your Instagram page. 

    Bot #19: Social Boost

    Social Boost

    Social Boost says that they have one of the best Instagram bots in the industry, and you can even get connected to your very own personal Instagram marketer who can spend a lot of their time focusing on your page so that you don’t have to. They say that they are completely organic, they are completely safe and secure, and they have helped more than 3000 accounts so far.

    If you’re sick of fake followers and ghost accounts, you need to try companies like Social Boost. They say that they are on a mission to make a positive difference in the industry.

    Bot #20: Foost


    Foost is an Instagram bot that can help you get professional marketing for your Instagram account for almost no money, which makes them a great option if you’re pretty tight with your budget right now and can’t afford to splurge anytime soon. They say that their bot finds premium traffic for your account, and they cover their bases with high-quality security, so there’s absolutely no risk when you use them.

    They also have precise targeting, making it a lot easier for you to find the right people to check out and interact with your content. 

    Bot #21: Hashtags for Likes

    Hashtags for likes

    Honestly, one of our personal Instagram bot favorites is Hashtags for Likes, simply because they are so good at what they do. They started out just doing hashtags through their amazing hashtag generator, but they have since developed an Instagram bot that can take care of the rest of your engagement strategy.

    This way, like some of the other companies on this list, you can get everything done with one company and not shell out more than you need to. Their prices are great, and their customer support is even better. This is the kind of company you need if you appreciate personability.

    Bot #22: Jarvee


    Remember way up there when we talked about Follow Adder? Well, you could consider Jarvee as Follow Adder’s cousin. Both of these companies have had a pretty powerful grip on the industry right now, which means that either one is going to be great for your Instagram growth.

    With Jarvee, you can download their dashboard to your desktop, which allows you to pick and choose what kind of features you want, and how they can help your unique profile and content. They can also help you schedule upcoming posts so that you can focus on making new content.

    Bot #23: FanBump


    FanBump says that they are the safest Instagram bot in the industry. They promise from the get-go that everything they do is organic, so there’s absolutely no risk when using them for your growth. They also say that they have never used fake followers, and they’ve never had a client’s account get removed, which is obviously a great testament to their conduct and features.

    They have account managers who can work with clients one on one, and they promise at least 1000 real, active followers every month, which we think is pretty sweet. Once they’ve got the necessary information from you, they can start growing your account.

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