26+ Best Apps to Get Followers on TikTok (2020)

    Everyone needs a quick, efficient way to grow their following on TikTok.

    The competition is too hot right now to pass up on making a real effort to make a difference on there, so you shouldn’t be asking yourself why you should be asking yourself why not.

    Best TikTok Followers Apps

    If you’re sick of having to do everything yourself and you need a bit of outside help, let’s review some of the best apps right now to get more followers & views on TikTok.

    App #1 Tokupgrade


    If you need an app for iPhone, iPad, or Android that’s been in the game for a while now and knows what they’re doing, then you need to check out Tokupgrade.

    They can provide their clients with real, targeted followers, and their service is completely managed for you.

    App #2 Toksocial


    If you like the idea of a completely managed service that uses organic, real followers to build their client’s accounts, then you need to consider taking a look at Toksocial.

    These guys know how important it is to do things the natural way, and their powerful organic growth can get you there without any spam or fake followers.

    App #3 SocialViral

    Social Viral

    If you need a popular TikTok app that’s going to help you get more TikTok followers whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, we suggest that you consider looking into Social Viral.

    They claim to be the only place where you can get real TikTok services like views, likes and followers, and we also think that their price points are pretty reasonable, too. We love that they offer immediate results, and are affordable, so you can grow your TikTok with iOS whether your budget is large or small.

    App #4 TokCaptain


    Everyone needs an efficient, effective app for iOS that they can use with their phone for TikTok growth on the go.

    TokCaptain only wants to help its clients get ahead in this business, and with their sleek design and confident set up, there’s no reason why they can’t. 

    App #5 Media Mister

    Media Mister

    If you need some help not just with your TikTok profile but with other social media channels, then you need to consider checking out Media Mister.

    These guys know the ins and outs of managing more than one social platform at once, and their fast delivery makes it efficient for everyone.

    App #6 Followersup


    If you liked the sound of Media Mister, then you’re going to like Followersup. These guys also know that most people now have their brand across multiple channels, so if you need help managing more than one page at once, they can help you. They have great customer support, as well.

    App #7 FeedPixel


    If you need an effective app on your phone that’s going to make a real difference to your TikTok follower count, then you need to check out FeedPixel.

    They want to help their clients promote their content more, and they can even help them with more than just TikTok.

    App#8 Followers for Musically

    Followers for Musically can help you gain more followers and likes. They can give you a daily boost of both hearts and likes, which is going to give your content more credibility. What’s more, there are ways that you can get some of their engagement for free, and who doesn’t love free stuff?

    App #9 Followers Guide for Musically

    Followers Guide for Musically, or TikTok, as it’s now known, can help you get more boosts and likes on your TikTok profile with ease. They can even give you exclusive tips on how to grow your profile as well, so you’re learning new things along the way. Available for Android.

    App #10 Crown for Musically Followers

    Before that verified checkmark, it was a crown, and it was so coveted that hardly anyone had access to it. Now, however, you’ve got third-party companies helping turn that dream for many into a reality. If you really want to get a crown and be considered credible, check out this app for iOS.

    App #11 Get Fans for Musically

    Get Fans for Musically is supposed to help you get more fans and likes on your profile. They are a simulator service, so while some of the followers you receive may be questionable, at the end of the day, it’s going to give your page a much-needed boost that you can benefit from.

    App #12 Famous on Musically Likes and Fans Booster

    You may already have guessed that the next app on our list is all about helping its clients get famous on Musically – or TikTok – through their phone, which is pretty cool. They can help you get as many as 10k followers and likes for free.

    App #13 Boost for Musically Followers

    Boost for Musically Followers is the type of app for Android that you can use to boost your likes and followers. They can help you generate the number of followers that you’re really after so that you can gain more credibility and be seen above the rest.

    App #14 Real Followers for Musically

    If you’re in the business of getting free likes and using them to boost your TikTok profile, then you may want to check out our next app for Android. These guys know that a little bit of free engagement goes a long way, and they’re prepared to help their clients out.

    App #15 Free Followers and Fans and Likes

    Free Followers and Fans and Likes for TikTok is just one of the ways that you can make the most of a third party to help your profile. This app can help its users get their videos out there and in front of the right people.

    App #16 Free TikTok Followers

    This next app is available on Android and can help you get more followers and likes, completely free of charge. Once you have downloaded it, it will get to work connecting you with real, organic followers. They also have a separate tool that can automate your engagement as well.

    App #17 FollowTok

    Follow Tok is another example of how easy it is these days to get ahead on the most popular social media sharing app right now. They know that people need apps like this for Android that can make a real difference to their engagement, and bring more visibility to their account.

    App #18 TikFame

    Tik Fame is another way to get more people checking out your content on TikTok. They guarantee that you will be able to grow your account to a much bigger fan base, and they can even help you come up with the right hashtags, to give you an even greater chance of doing well.

    App #19 TickTracker

    Tick Tracker is an app that can be used with iPhone and iPad to give your profile a better chance of success. They can help you with all the standard engagement features, as well as put your content in front of the right people.

    App #20 Free TikTok

    If you’re someone who has to stick to quite a limited budget right now when it comes to your TikTok growth, then you need to consider trying Free TikTok. These guys are one of the only real providers of free engagement that’s going to stick around for the long haul.

    App #21 Real Likes

    Real Likes is not only available for Android, but it’s a free download as well, so you can make the most of the free features without having to pay for anything. We love that they have great ratings, and appear to be an effective option for growing your account.

    App #22 Boost Followers and Likes for TikTok

    If you are serious about increasing your exposure on TikTok and getting more people in front of your content, then you need to check out this next app. They can help you find followers and likes, and the best part is that it’s free.

    App #23 TikTok Followers Free

    We all need a bit of free engagement in our lives – it helps with our growth, and it makes sure that we can do well, even at the beginning. TikTok Followers Free say that they can help their clients become TikTok famous overnight, and the best part is that their engagement is real.

    App #24 TikTok Fame

    If you need someone who claims to be one of the only real providers of TikTok engagement, then you need to consider checking out TikTok Fame for your phone. They want to help their clients reach their full potential on TikTok, and they make it super easy so that you don’t even have to think about it.

    App #25 Social Follow

    TikTok is supposed to be easy, right? It should also be relatively easy to get free TikTok followers as well. Not all free companies are worth trusting, but we think that Social Follow is.

    App #26 TikTok Guru

    As you may have already guessed, TikTok Guru knows a fair bit about growing their client’s TikTok accounts. Perhaps the best bit is that they have some of the best prices in the industry as well, so it doesn’t matter what your budget looks like – they can help you out.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, there’s always a way to grow your TikTok account without having to do it yourself. You’ve got too much to do on your end, always to be thinking about your TikTok growth.

    Leave it in the hands of some of the most trusted apps out there, and know that there’s always a way to become well known, without having to break the bank.

    Source: How to Buy Real TikTok Views – Influencive

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