25+ Best Apps to Get Followers on Instagram (2020)

    If you’re on Instagram, you’ve got to be in it to win it. This means that you’ve got to spend the time finding the perfect third party company to use. There are some out there that you should go for straight away, and some that it’s best if you avoid.

    Best Instagram Followers Apps (2020)

    Let’s review the best apps to get followers on Instagram so that you can set yourself up for success in 2020. 

    App #1: Stellation Media

    Stellation Media

    If you haven’t heard of Stellation Media yet, then it’s about time that you did. These guys know everything there is to know about growing a social media account, and the fact that they have specialized features to use with your Instagram is only going to help you reach the top even quicker.

    With their free consultation, it’s easy to see why Stellation Media is at the top of our list – and if you are having issues with your website, they can help with this as well.

    App #2 Ingramer


    If you like the idea of being able to get more followers on Instagram, but you want to do it the honest way, then you should check out Ingramer. This follower company knows that their clients are looking for real, active Instagram followers that can help their profile’s progress, not hinder it.

    They claim to be twice as effective as other options out there, and they use advanced filters to get the job done properly.

    App #3 SocialViral

    SocialViral hopes to help its clients get real, exclusive Instagram views, likes, and followers, and judging by their website and what it is they actually do, we’re inclined to believe them. They can offer their clients immediate results, as well as affordable price points. What’s more, their followers are genuine.

    App #4 Upleap

    Upleap Review

    One of the best things about Upleap is that they let you try their services for free before you commit to anything – and you don’t even have to share your credit card details, so there’s no risk of being overcharged or not being able to get out of using their service.

    Their easy setup makes it simple and straightforward to get more followers the natural way, and their ultimate goal is to increase their client’s social influence.

    App #5 Media Mister

    Media Mister - Instagram

    If you’re looking for a way to get more followers on all of your different social media accounts, not just your Instagram, then you need to seriously consider checking out Media Mister. These guys know that you’ve got a presence on multiple social media sites, which is why they can help with them all.

    They’ve also got great customer support, and a fast delivery time as well, so there’s nothing that you need to worry about with these guys.

    App #6 Trusy

    Trusy may be a new player in the game, but they’ve wasted no time in making sure they know exactly how to help their clients. They even claim to have cracked the code when it comes to the gram, so you can feel confident that they’re pretty specialized in what they do.

    They have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of their website, so you can talk to a staff member whenever you need to. 

    App #7 FollowersUp

    Followersup - Instagram

    One of the first things that you will be required to do when you visit Followersup’s page is to choose which platform you need followers on the most. Whether it’s Soundcloud or Instagram, Followersup can help you – much like AudienceGain and Media Mister.

    We like that they have divided their services into these different categories, so all you have to choose is which platform you need followers on the most. Once you’ve done this, you can sign up for their service, enter your information, pay through their secure payment method, and you’re ready to go.

    App #8 describes themselves as the number one Instagram bot, or Instagram app that can help you gain more active, real followers in 2020. They also claim to be one of the safest options out there as well, which is something that most people are looking for more than anything.

    The best part is that you can download their dashboard and retain most of the control. 

    App #9 Hashtags for likes

    Hashtags for likes

    If you’re looking for something to kickstart your Instagram hashtag strategy, then you need to consider using Hashtags for Likes. These guys are the OG of hashtag generators, and they have everything you need to find the ultimate hashtag list for your content, niche, and industry.

    App #10 Kicksta


    Kicksta claims to be one of the most powerful organic growth tools that you can use with your Instagram to get more followers. They know that their clients need real, authentic followers to create a long-lasting community, and they pride themselves on providing this so that they don’t have to settle for anything less. No fake engagement here – just real people.

    App #11 Famoid

    Famoid says that they have a new way of becoming famous on social media, and they’re pretty excited about it. Their reliable and fast delivery makes it easy and simple for anyone to get ahead, and they offer help with more than just Instagram – they can help you with YouTube and Facebook as well. 

    App #12 Fastlykke

    Fastlykke is one of the best platforms for followers, comments, and likes on Instagram. One of the best parts is that they have a 100% money-back guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about losing out if something goes wrong. They have affordable prices as well, allowing their clients to get Instagram followers for as little as $5. 

    App #13 AudienceGain

    If you liked the sound of Media Mister, then you’re going to be able to get on board with Audience Gain pretty easily. This is because they know that their clients need help with more followers across the board, not just with Instagram.

    With Audience Gain, you can see their specialized Instagram services and get help with just this platform, or you can branch out into other platforms as well and get all the help you need.

    App #14 Social Plus

    Social Plus says that they are one of the only providers of real, genuine followers that have real profile impressions. This means that when someone interacts with your profile, there’s a really good chance that they’ll also follow it. They can even split their engagement between multiple posts.

    App #15 The Genuine Likes App

    These guys offer their clients genuine followers, and they are one of the only companies that offer a full refund. They have affordable pricing and can get you started with Instagram for as little as $3, which we think is pretty good.

    App #16 Socialenablers

    This completely free Instagram followers service means that you can get your foot in the door with your followers without even having to pay anything. Their high-quality followers can help you get ahead, and you can expect a delivery from them within a few seconds of signing up.

    App #17 Skweezer

    Skweezer is another one of those apps where you can get some free followers at the beginning, so you get a good idea of what they do. The best part is that you only pay for the followers that you need, so if you only need a small number of followers, you’ll only pay a small price.

    App #18 Instamacro

    Instamacro wants to help its clients get more genuine followers and likes through their sophisticated app that’s ahead of its time, in our opinion. They currently have over four million downloads through Google Play, which says a lot.

    App #19 Get

    This Google Play app is also available for iOS, and the best part is that you can download it for free. It has one of the easiest setups and some of the most affordable prices.

    App #20 Like 4 Like

    This is another great site where you can get free followers installed directly into your account. All you have to do is get on their website from your smartphone. You can enter their code to get more followers and likes.

    App #21 Likes for Instagram Android

    This is a great way to figure out all the details around who is already following you so that you can gain more followers for your Instagram. This way, you can work on your engagement strategy, and get the right help where it’s needed.

    App #22 Followers Insight

    This app can help you see which of your followers are inactive, and which are ghosts. This way, you can unfollow them and not waste your time with them. It’s a great way to get insights into your existing followers so that you can get more of the right ones.

    App #23 Followers Pumper Android

    This followers app for Instagram can help you keep on top of all the trends, so you know how to best attract more followers. They also help you find the best hashtags for your niche so that you can target the right people. 

    App #24 Share Supplier

    The next app on our list can help you not only get more followers, but more comments likes and visits to your page.

    App #25 Mega Follow

    Mega Follow is an app that can help you not only attract new followers for your account, but it can also help you find them quickly.

    App #26 Insta Swift

    This is another followers app that can help you get a lot of followers and likes on your Instagram so that it won’t take you too long to become popular. 

    App #27 TagScout

    TagScout comes with an Instagram growth engine so that you can find the right followers for your account without having to do too much of the work yourself.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, there are a lot of great options out there when it comes to an app that can help you get more followers on Instagram. This is why it’s worth doing the research, so you know which ones to avoid and which ones to go for. Good luck with your Instagram followers!

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